What is slime?

Slime is a fun, sensory experience perfect for anyone! It helps with anxiety and stress, brings out your creative side and makes satisfying ASMR. There's so many different textures, scents and possibilities! 

Where do you ship to?

I ship worldwide from the UK!

How long is your processing time?

Usually around 1-5 days however it may be up to 7 days depending on demand. I will always try to get your orders out as soon as possible!

What  do I do if my slime is sticky?

First of all, don't panic! It's completely normal for slime to get sticky or even melt with time or heat. I provide a slime activator with every order and I have more available to buy separately. Spray the activator on your slime one or two sprays at a time, mixing between sprays. Slowly keep adding activator until it reaches the consistency you like :)